Magic Happens... even at the Salvation Army!

All right. So the other day I realised I was still lugging around reminders and belongings of my ex-boyfriend in the trunk of my car... and it had been exactly a year to the day since it was over. I decided that was pathetic, and it was high time to MOVE ON.

So I drove to the local Salvation Army store, grabbed the bag containing said mementos, and went to the big bin. I couldn't resist one last, long hug of the soft sweater he'd given me that still smelled like him. Sniffly, I tossed it all in.

I went to leave, thoughts of happier times flooding my head. I felt very sorry for myself. Then- something glinting in the sunlight caught my eye. Propped up against the side of the Salvation Army dumpster... a figurine of a knight in shining armour, about ten inches tall. I brought him home with me and cleaned him up, and he now stands on my desk.

The symbolism cracks me up... only once had I disposed of sentiments from the past- did a knight in shining armour present himself. : )

Granted, he hasn't the greatest personality...

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