And so the journey begins...

When I was little I filled my head with tales about far-off distant lands, fantastical adventures concerning pirates, princesses, dragons, and wizards. I used to swear I'd settle for nothing less than making my life as exciting as those stories. As we grow, we tend to become disenchanted by the Real World. It's harried, rushed, crazed, and people are distant and losing the ability to connect with one another. Pop culture tells us that many ideals simply don't exist- that the fairytale concept of true love and happily ever after is just fictitious and destined to disappoint.

But I have seen it happen. I know it exists. I've never reached that place myself, but I know people who have. This is not to say life is all a bed of roses after meeting 'the one', but having love, real love, is a sort of magic that I believe in. I don't understand it at all. I can only aspire to.

By writing this blog, I want to divulge more of what is for me the big mystery. I will research psychology, sociology, sexuality, self-help handbooks, fairy tales, listen to people I come in contact with. Is it something that can be figured out methodically? Does love just Happen by chance? If you take two people who are willing to make a relationship work, can they get through anything, or is there a point at which it just doesn't work anymore?

I have a lot of questions, thoughts and theories, and look forward to the exploration. :)

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  1. I still insist that my life won't be anything less than magical adventures. I also insist that I'm not delusional, but who knows?